Please join us at ATIA Orlando next week (1/26-1/28) and check out these very informative presentations:

Help Me Do That: Using Core Vocabulary in Saltillo and PRC Devices
January 26 from 8am to 9am
This presentation will use the expertise of three clinicians to explore differences in representing core vocabulary on PRC and Saltillo AAC devices. A school-based cli...nician will share her experiences of assessment and implementation using different levels of core vocabulary on different AAC devices. Two consultants will highlight the differences between four vocabulary systems: The MultiChat and PalmChat (Saltillo Corporation) and Unity 1-hit and Unity Sequenced (Prentke Romich Company). Case studies and videos of children using various AAC devices/ vocabulary systems will be presented, demonstrating how to implement core vocabulary across a wide range of language abilities.

Specialized Curriculum and Augmentative Communication: Putting the Pieces Together
January 26 from 2:35pm to 3:35pm
Learn how to create classroom environments rich in AAC opportunities and educational learning. This collaborative presentation utilizes N2Y's News-2-You educational content paired with AMDi's static and Saltillo's dynamic communication devices. Together they provide practical solutions to increase device use while improving overall academic knowledge.

Practical Strategies, Games and Activities for Teaching PalmChat and MultiChat!
January 26 from 3:50pm to 4:10pm
How can I teach the AAC Device Vocabulary to my user? If you struggle with this question and if you have AAC users with the popular PalmChat or MultiChat Vocabularies come to this session and get some tips. The presenters will show some proven ways to use the device in everyday settings that allow a user to learn the vocabularies and no more boring drill! You will see videos of actual users in a variety of settings. These techniques have started from real teachers and SLP's struggling with this very concept. Learn from their experience. A CD will be given at this session that has several activities included.