Meet Benton aka Mr. “B”. Benton is an eleven year old boy who has quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Benton’s life changed in Jan 2013 when he received his Nova Chat 7 which Benton named “Rocky”. For 11 years Benton only communicated by hand and face gestures. "I always knew that my son had a voice and never gave up", said Benton's mom. "We met with Mrs. Jill and Ms. Barbara over at Jill Tullman and Associates located in Colorado, and immediately started AAC therapy. Needless to say our lives changed forever. We tried many different devices, but Benton didn’t really take off until he tried the Nova Chat 7. It was a perfect fit".  Since Benton really doesn’t have much control over his arms and hands. Benton uses the scanning option on the Nova Chat 7. He has a head switch mounted to his head rest. He listens for his choices through a speaker and then uses his head to activate the Nova Chat 7. "Benton decided we would name the device 'Rocky' because when Benton has 'Rocky' skies are the limit and he is unstoppable. From the day it arrived it Benton has communicated almost everything. It has opened up a whole another world. Benton is totally a different child he now has such a vibrant outlook on life now that he can be able to speak through 'Rocky'. We would like to thank everyone who made this possible!"