The latest version of Chat Software is now available for download through one of our wi-fi enabled devices or via our website. Check out some of the updated features below then head over to watch our video for What’s New.

 WordPower™ update

  • Consistency of symbols throughout all WP vocabs addressed (“see,” “watch,” “good,” “bad,” “more,” “EXTRA WORDS”)
  • WP108 with Keyboard - Question words available thru the QUESTIONS page or by selecting “w” on main page
  • Concepts of Print and Character traits added to 60, 80 and 108 WP vocabularies
  • A “Saved Document” link is available from Spelling and/or Shift pages
  • Math symbols improved
  • “pizzas with” available Updated low-tech boards for 60-Basic files.  The question word “who” added to the boards

 UK Aphasia file added

 Metacom Symbol Library update

 Update to German Vocab Files

  • LoGoGoXX 24, LoGoFXX 60 and RehaFoXX

 To download the Chat 2.13 Software Update, make a wireless connection, go to Menu > Help > Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update or go to Downloads, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device.