In this latest Chat Software update from Saltillo, you won't want to miss the following cool new features!

  • New voices have been added to the Acapela synthesizer
    • Two English voices (Deepa & Rhona)
    • Anais French voice
    • Two French child voices (Elisa & Valentin)
    • Two Dutch child voices (Merel & Thijs)
  • The ability to hide an entire buttonset has been added
    • Buttonset – a group of buttons "stacked" in the same location
  • ChatEditor™ now offers the ability to resize the window by dragging the sides to your desired size
  • PCS default files are updated to reflect diverse skin tones
  • Basic and Intermediate Scan PCS files are updated with high contrast images
  • WordPower
    • Basic files have additional places added to the second page
    • Fun sounds have been added to the Spanish Básico file
    • Added missing pronoun form "on" to recently introduced WordPower français

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