Meet Janine, our Saltilo spotlight start for November.  This is her story.

I started learning my ChatPC three years ago. To get approval and funding for my device I had two of my doctors and my speech therapist write letters to my insurance company and I went to a big building to see the person that is in charge of approving or not approving requests for my health insurance company.  When I got approval I was so excited. I use my ChatPC to get my needs and desires across.I talk to my friends at the bank too. And I answer yes and no questions. Sometimes I get nervous and confused when I am trying to communicate. I am learning to take my time. The ChatPC helps me pay attention. It also helps me count my money. Recently, I had a very bad experience and had to go to court to get an injunction to keep a bad person away from me. I was able to tell my story to two interpreters that helped me during the hearing. I was successful getting the permanent injunction.  I am excited to learn more.