The Saltillo Chat Software Update 2.24 is here! You'll want to be sure to check out our video for some of the new features like:

  • SymbolStix® library updates
    • The SymbolStix® library has been updated to accommodate the ability to change skin tones within a vocabulary. This allows you to change all skin tones at once to better represent a person's uniqueness.
    • The updated library aligns more closely with SymbolStix Prime images. Some images may have been replaced or updated, and you may find missing images and/or labels in customized files. This provides a great opportunity to upgrade your customized file to a new and improved image!
  • Gestures now work with input settings
  • WordPower™ Vocabulary Updates
    • Cuidado added to all the Spanish files
      • 60 Basic & 60 Español Básico - the verb "smell"/"oler" added to some category pages (i.e. Body, Nature)

Plus, don't miss these other exciting happenings when you watch the video!

  • NovaChat® device updates: new designs for the NovaChat 5 & 10!
  • New Product: AeroSwitch™
    • AeroSwitch is universal Bluetooth switch that can be used on many platforms and allows pairing of the Bluetooth switch from within Chat Software. (Menu>Settings>System>Bluetooth)
    • Stay tuned to our website for more information.

Learn about all of these features and more, then update today!