We have released an update to the Nova Chat 7 (version 1.1.0)! It will now include scanning and also 2 new vocabularies- ChatPower 30 & ChatPower 80, both by Inman Innovations.

The Nova Chat 7 update can be downloaded from the Support page. http://saltillo.com/support/nova-chat-7

Some of the changes that have been made:

  • Scanning
  • ChatPower 30 & 80 location options
  • Symbol Stix library has been updated with their newest icons included
  • Holding the SDB will stop speech in addition to clearing the display. 
  • The process for locking out Android menus has been simplified (dedicating/closing the system) 
  • The X target in the Speech Display Bar is larger

**Please note that if you have an exisiting Nova Chat 7 and you need scanning, please call tech support to schedule for either an exchange of your amplifier OR for your system to be sent to Saltillo for the update. You will NOT be able to scan until you exchange your current amplifier.