The new Via Pro from PRC-Saltillo combines the most powerful iOS technology with the freedom to choose the features that suit you best.

New from PRC-Saltillo is Via Pro, the iOS-based device that offers a choice of apps and a whole lot more.

Your Via Pro, Your Way

Via Pro comes preloaded with your choice of LAMP Words for Life® or TouchChat with WordPower, two of the most popular research-based AAC apps. LAMP Words for Life is PRC’s renowned, motor-planning focused language system for communicators with autism and developmental disabilities.

Widely acclaimed TouchChat by Saltillo contains the only WordPower options available as an app, and is fully customizable for a variety of communication needs.

Even better: Either choice comes with Spanish options already integrated for seamless bilingual communication.

Robust access options are important for PRC-Saltillo customers, and the Via Pro doesn’t disappoint. Both apps are fully equipped for wireless and wired switches, have standard and custom keyguards/ touchguides available, and head tracking is offered within the TouchChat app.

Everything You Need, in One Device

Via Pro is built on the processing power of iOS, so it’s easy-to-use and intuitive, right out of the box.

Via Pro also comes with a variety of enhancements, including a choice of a traditional, slim classic wrap or a more durable active wrap made of thick, protective EVA foam that provides extra shock absorption for drops and falls. In addition, the Via Pro's splash-resistant design meets, and exceeds, federal requirements for protection against solids and liquids.

Also with Via Pro, you'll get a sturdy handle for easy and durable carrying, a multi-position stand that stays in place and a single charger to make charging easier with fewer wires.

Via Pro comes with PRC-Saltillo’s 2-year warranty and is fully backed by our field teams who are experts in the hardware, software and vocabulary systems.

Configure Your Device

Visit the PRC-Saltillo store and configure your device, your way!