Let’s see what’s new for the NovaChat line of devices in update version 2.39. 


  • Acapela has added new voices to include more diverse child and adult options. You can find these in the Speech Output section of the Application Settings, under Voice.
    • Malik (African American male child)
    • Tiana (African American female child)
    • Constance (French female adult)

 Grammar Feature

  • Another new setting has been added to the Speech Output section labeled Grammar.
    • When Grammar is unchecked, it will only speak the initial hit of the present tense and then speak the grammatically correct word ending when the full message is spoken.
    • When this is enabled, it will say the present tense on the initial hit and then say the new form of the word after you select the word ending. This is how it spoke before this setting was added. 


  • You gave us the feedback and we listened. The symbols for “pretty” and “ugly” have been updated in all WordPower files to be more inclusive.
  • WordPower25 English vocabulary file was updated and now includes an option to talk about your favorite things after selecting “I want” or “I like” so you can have fun talking about your favorite things!
  • WordPower80 and 108 also got an update. You can now ask “How was your weekend?” from the Social page to encourage conversation and engagement with others.
  • WordPower Françaisgot an update so you now can express more with fewer button pushes!
  • In both WordPower Français files, you can now say “What are…” on the Questions page.
  • In WordPower60 Français, you can now say “My favorite color(s) is(are)” and “What is(are) your favorite colors(s)?”

Check out the video to see these updates in action!