ChatPC users- Don't forget to get your videos in soon.  You only have a few weeks left to enter!!!!!

Attention ChatPC users:  Would you like to appear in a video for Saltillo for the chance to win a $300 gift card to iTunes, ToysRUs or Target?  We want you to show others how you are using your ChatPC device out in the community.  Creativity is KEY!!  Videos will be judged on how you are using the device, how engaged you are, and showing techniques/ideas that would help other users.  These videos may be featured on our website, Facebook page, YouTube Channel and/or Twitter.  Try to keep videos 10 minutes or less and email them to .  The deadline for video submissions is November 30, 2011.

**NOTE:  You will need to complete a media waiver allowing us to use the video for promotional purposes.  When you submit your video, we will email you the waiver.