2 Switch Step Scan Setup Instructions


  • check Enable Scanning
  • choose Switch Access Menu
  • choose Switch Configuration and choose appropriate option
  • turn off Auto Scan
  • if using a bluetooth switch, choose Keyboard Switch and set up your switches
  • turn Auditory Prompts on and set up, if needed
  • choose Patterns
  • Mode, choose appropriate way you want the page to be scanned
  • modify the remaining pattern options as apporpriate for your client
  • Scan Timing
  • Scan Speed needs set to a large number for step scanning
  • Number of Re-scans N/A for step scanning
  • Activation Delay, turn on to offer a chance to correct a mistake
  • Auto Restart, N/A for step scanning

Use Case: Team is using two switch scanning with clients who have very high tone.

Problem: When the select down on the "go/drive" switch the scan keeps going, which they don't want.

Resolution:  Increase the Scan Speed to a high speed, e.g 10