New Features included in the 2.29 TouchChat Update includes:

  • Added support for Gradient Fill
  • Added “Visual Timer” and Whats App Web Client for iPad to the “Open Apps” list
  • Added a skin tone randomizer to the SymbolStix Skin Tone setting
  • When adding a new page from a template and saving, the save button is disabled until the page loads
  • Added a warning message when customers try to delete a vocabulary

 Bug fixes include

  • Corrected issue with importing multiple pages
  • Vocal ID voice no longer crashes app
  • Improved button fonts when in split view
  • Fixed issue with split screen not drawing correctly
  • System keyboard will now allow you to start a word with the same letter as the previous word
  • Fixed issue with head tracking not working on a iPhone
  • “Play recorded sound” button action no longer crashes app