Chat Software 2.32 Update includes:

New Features

  • Auditory Prompts renamed Auditory Effects and available in Direct Select and Scanning
  • Auditory Fishing
  • Reorganization of access-related menus
  • Ability to disable hardware volume controls
  • Acapela Update that includes Tamira, English Female voice option


WordPower60 français – numerous vocabulary and symbol updates – vocab now geared to work withFrench Canadian

  • Now the category pages include the “j’” option following “efface tout” (clear display) and smart punctuation
  • The CONVERSATIONpage now updated to include the options:
    • “Ma journée était…” and “Ma fin de semaine était…”  


WordPower 60 Basic

  • Added 2 passive verb pages - “I have → bought, called, found, etc.
  • Added object pronouns “her” and “him” on main page following “with” and “for” 
    • ie – I can do it for her; I was with him.”
  • Updated SOCIAL page – now, “My day was…” includes “My day was…” and “My weekend was..”

To download the Chat 2.32 Software Update, go to Menu>Help>Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update or go to Downloads from this website, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device.