Chat Software 2.36 Update includes:

  • This will be the last Chat Software update for some of our older systems, NC5.2, NC8.1, NC10.3 & NC10.4. This update will not provide any new items but mark the systems 2.35 EOL after updating.  It has been at least 5 years since these models have been sold.

  • In 2.36 Chat Software we have removed the request for adding animation when creating a linking buttons (navigate, visit, jump to page) and moved the option to a menu.  To access the animation option while editing the button, choose the Linking button action while in the Actions tab, Animation has been added as an option in the menu

2.36 Vocabulary

  • Inman Innovations is releasing WordPower25 Español, here is description of the file.
    • WordPower25 Español is the latest addition to the WordPower Español vocabularies, and it is comparable in terms of content and design to English WordPower25. This vocabulary was designed for individuals needing few cells due to visual and/or motor difficulties, while still providing robust core and fringe vocabulary. Frequently used verbs such as “quiero” and “tengo” are included on the main page to allow for quick generation of language such as “quiero eso,” “tengo esto,” “quiero ver la tele,” etc. As with other WordPower files, core vocabulary is embedded within the category and activity pages, allowing easy generation of language from the main core page as well as within topic-based pages. Core words remain consistent in terms of placement and access, providing a natural bridge between core and fringe words. Early literacy is enhanced through the use of pages designed around several popular children’s books. A low-tech communication board is included within the vocabulary file that can be printed as an alternative communication support.

Other vocabulary file changes include

  • WordPower25
  • update and symbol changes/corrections
  • WordPower80
  • Small programming corrections
  • I am ACTIONS swimming, remembering
  • WordPower Español
  • Spanish translation for directions on “Writing to Apps” page
  • English Spelling files
  • added store text to button to the English Spelling file. In addition, made some style changes to the file.

There are no new features in Chat Editor.  It does include all vocabulary updates and some bug fixes. 

To download the Chat 2.36 Software Update, go to Menu>Help>Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update or go to Downloads from this website, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device.