The ChatBox 40-XT includes a basic voice synthesizer.  This offers the capability of increasing the flexibility and growth potential for communicators.  Individuals may create their own messages on the LCD display using either pre-stored messages or typing on an alphabet keyboard.   This section provides instruction on storing pre-stored messages that will be spoken with the synthesizer in either a male or female voice.

 Prior to storing:

You must have the clear overlay with the pre-printed alphabet in place on the machine prior to storing.

 To Store a Text Message:

  • Choose MENU
  • Choose NEXT (should see “Store a Text Message”)
  • Choose SELECT
  • Press key where you want to store text
  • Spell text to be spoken (add a space to the end)
  • Choose SELECT
  • Either continue to program more keys or choose MENU to exit. 

Once a message has been stored under a key the light should be On indicating a message option.  To test your programming, tap the key and the message should be spoken. 

Programming Note:  exit storing before testing message 

The ChatBox 40-XT has the option of a male or female synthesized voice.  The voice can be changed from the User Feedback Options Menu:

  • Choose MENU
  • Choose NEXT until you see “User Feedback Option”
  • Choose SELECT
  • Choose NEXT until you see “Voice – Current Setting:  Male or Female”
  • Choose SELECT
  • Choose NEXT until you see the voice option you prefer
  • Choose MENU to exit the menu 

Programming Note:  always add a space to the end of the text so when displayed it doesn’t all run together