Is the light on the edge of the amplifier on, off or flashing:

If the Light is On and Solid:

  • Confirm the volume is turned up
  • Push and hold the amplifier switch until both the red and blue light flashes, release the switch, both lights should go off, tap the switch and the amplifier should turn back On (blue light on solid)

If the Light is Flashing:

  • The volume is limited to just the device’s speakers. Flight Mode may have been turned On or the Bluetooth connection to the amp was lost.  To make sure Flight Mode is Off, push and hold the Power Switch and the current setting for Flight Mode appears, if On, choose Flight Mode and it will turn Off.
  • To re-connect NOVA chat with the amplifier, push and hold the Back button and restart NOVAchat.  If the amplifier does not reconnect, make sure it is On and charged and restart again.
  • Go to Menu>Settings>System>Bluetooth and make sure “Use with Amplifier” is checked.  Will need to Re-Connect the Amp again if this setting had been Off

If the Light is Off:

  • Charge the amplifier, the light should come on within 30 minutes