Note:  This only applies to Dedicated TouchChat devices.

When you connect your TouchChat-D to a computer for the first time to perform an update or backup, a message prompts you to “trust” the computer. You must tap Trust to proceed. On a TouchChat Express-D, this Trust message is hidden behind the application screen. Use the following procedure to access the message.

Important! You will need to repeat this procedure the first time you connect your device to a different computer.

1. Launch iTunes®.
2. Connect your USB cable to the device and the computer.
3. On the TouchChat Express device, simultaneously hold down the Home key and the device power button until the device screen turns black. This will take approximately 15-30 seconds.
4. Release the Home key and power button. The device will restart. When the device has restarted, the Trust message will appear.
5. Tap Trust.
6. On the computer, a similar message asking to allow this computer to access the device appears.
7. Click Continue. A progress bar will be displayed.
8. When the progress bar disappears, unplug the USB cable from the device and immediately plug it back in. This will refresh the device.