The ChatBox 40-XT offers the ability to Spell using a QWERTY keyboard layout. A clear Spelling overlay was included in your package.  Lay this overlay over your user overlay to include the layout for the device user to see.  Note: This is only available in the XT model.

To create a button that opens the Spelling Keyboard: (the lower right corner key is often used to make toggling in and out of Spelling Mode consistent)

  • Choose MENU
  • Choose PREV until you see Program Function
  • Choose SELECT
  • Press the key* where you want to program the function
  • Choose NEXT until you see "Spelling Mode"
  • Choose SELECT
  • Choose MENU to exit

Now choose the key* to open the Spelling Keyboard

Choosing the lower right corner key will exit from the Spelling Keyboard when you are finished spelling.