You can use Chat Editor to do just about anything that you can do on the NOVA chat device. Dialog boxes will appear slightly different and a couple of the options are modified for the PC. 

Menus are placed at the top of the screen on the Chat Editor and at the bottom of the NOVA chat device. 

When editing and accessing menus on the NOVA chat device, pushing and holding the screen opens context menus.  On the Chat Editor right-clicking on the vocabulary window will open the context menus for editing. 

Orientation – NOVA chat offers the ability to use the device in Portrait or Landscape orientation.  When programming using Chat Editor it is possible to View the screen in the same orientation.  To adjust the orientation, choose Settings>View and set to match the device. 

The User’s Guide uses pictures from both the Chat Editor and device.  The menus work primarily the same in both systems regardless of how it is accessed with a push and hold or a right click.