When you no longer need a particular message in the ChatBox you can either erase the message or you can replace the message with a new recording.  To replace the message, simply store in a new message.  To erase the message:

  • turn On the program mode by using a pencil tip (or similar object) to press the button inside the hole labeled with the picture of the Key (Program Enable).  The red light should turn On.
  • Press the Erase key on the front keyboard.  A red light beside the key will turn on.
  • Press the button (or sequence of keys) of the message that you want to erase. 

Note:  If you press a button or sequence that is not programmed, you will hear a low-toned beep and the Erase light will go out. 

  • Confirm that you want to erase the message by pressing the Erase key again.  The message is now erased.
  • When finished erasing messages, use a pencil tip to press the Program Enable (Key) button to turn programming mode Off.  The red light should turn off.