Importing a picture on a button is a function that can be done in DesktopChat SE or on the device.

  1. Check the file size of the digital picture. If it is larger than 150KB, then it should be scaled down so that it is less than 150KB.
  2. You can scale the picture down by opening it up in Microsoft Paint( or some other picture editing software) and using the Stretch/Skew function. Depending on the original size you may have to scale it down to 30% by 30%. Save it as a different file name so that your original picture remains untouched. If importing pictures directly on the device, connect up the device to the computer and copy the pictures to the My Pictures folder.
  3. Go into the Edit mode.
  4. Right click on the button you want to edit(or press and hold if working on the device) and click Edit Button(or Create New Button if it doesn’t exist yet).
  5. Then click on the Import button. It will open up a dialog allowing you to browse to where the resized picture is stored.
  6. Click on the picture and click Open. It will then be pasted on the button.
  7. Finish editing the button and then click OK.