The Saltillo-provided vocabulary files are all created as read only files.  This means that these particular vocabulary files cannot be modified.  A copy of the file needs to be made and then any modification appropriate for the device user can be made to the new file.  This maintains the original, default vocabularies in case they may be needed at a later time. 

To create a copy of an existing vocabulary file:

  • Choose the File Menu.
  • Choose Vocab File.
  • Choose Save Vocab File As.
  • Type in a name to represent the file (i.e. Jane4_08).
  • Select Save (this may take a few minutes).
  • Tap on Edit and then check mark Edit Mode.

The new vocabulary file is ready to be modified to meet the device user’s needs.

Note: you only need to do Save Vocab File As one time to take off the read only property of a vocabulary file. When you are in Edit mode the software saves changes as you go and then makes one last save when you exit the Edit mode. If you keep doing File->Save As then you will end up with many files of the same name with copy_copy_copy on the end of the file name.