1. As a precaution, backup or export any custom vocabulary files from the device to the USB Flash drive that you want to save in case something should happen to the library during the update process.
  2. Download the appropriate file from our website(select the file that has the same speech engine and symbol library as your device).
  3. Copy the file to your USB flash drive.
  4. Unzip the file directly to your Flash drive.
  5. Plug the charger into your Alt-Chat and turn the Alt-Chat on.
  6. Plug the USB Flash drive into your Alt-Chat.
  7. Tap on Help->About.
  8. It will open a dialog asking if you want to update the Alt-Chat?
  9. Tap on Yes.
  10. It will then ask if you want to update your library.
  11. Tap on No if you want to keep your current library in place or tap on Yes if you want to restore the library back to the factory default condition and wipe out any existing custom vocabulary files.
  12. Once it is finished, tap on OK to allow the unit to restart.
  13. Remove the USB Flash drive.
  14. Once the unit is rebooted tap on Help->About and verify that the version of software has been updated.
  15. To use the files backed up in step 1, plug the USB Flash drive into a computer and move the files from the Export folder to the Import folder and then plug the USB Flash drive into the Alt-Chat and it will begin import the files back in after about a minute.