It is strongly recommended that Vocabulary Files are saved to the DesktopChat on a regular basis. Follow instructions for Transferring a Vocabulary File TO the PC to back up your Vocabulary File(s).

How to Transfer a Vocabulary File TO the PC:

DesktopChat and ActiveSync (for Windows XP) / Windows Mobile Device Center (For Windows Vista/ Windows 7) must be installed onto your PC prior to starting this process.

1. Connect the ChatPC to your PC using the provided USB cable

2. ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center may open on its own on the PC, if not open it from the Programs listing, choose CANCEL, this should connect the ChatPC as a guest to your PC

3. Open the DesktopChat program on the PC

4. On the ChatPC tap File, then Export

5. Choose the Vocabulary File that is being copied

6. Tap Export

7. Within 90 seconds the DesktopChat will start receiving the file

8. When finished, choose File>Vocab File>Load Vocab File

9. When unplugging the cable from your ChatPC, you will be asked to restart the system, choose OK and it will restart on its own NOTE: it is best Not to use your other computer applications while a transfer is taking place.