Chat Editor is the Chat software that is able to be run on a Windows Desktop or Laptop computer. Although it can be done on the device, this provides family and/or professionals a way to customize vocabulary for the device user when it is convenient. 

Note:  Having the custom vocabulary on a second computer is always recommended as a backup to the Chat device. 

Chat Editor Installation Instructions 

The Chat Editor Installation CD includes the Chat Editor software, the device driver and the Microsoft Voices. The Microsoft Voices provide a voice for the Chat Editor Software to use.  The device driver is needed if this is the first time connecting a device to your computer. 

  • Insert the Chat Editor CD into your computer.
  • You should see a Saltillo CD Installer Screen appear (this may take a few moments), if not, you will need to navigate to your CD through Windows Explorer and choose setup.exe.
  • The CD Installer screen gives three options of applications to load.  Chat Editor, the device driver and Microsoft Voices for SAPI 5.1
  • If you want the Chat Editor to have synthetic speech and you have a compatible sound card (you probably do), you’ll also have to install the Microsoft voices.  If so, check the voices option.
  • You’ll need the device driver for transferring files to the device
  • choose Install
  • step through the installation by following the instructions
  • the CD is not needed to run the application 

This has placed the Chat Editor Application into your Programs folder and a shortcut to the application and a shortcut to the Import folder onto your Computer’s Desktop.