There may be a couple of things that might keep the computer from seeing your device:

  • If you have your device connected to your computer but the computer doesn’t see it, you will need to install a driver to your computer.   You might notice this when using Chat Editor to transfer a file to the NOVA chat device and even though the NOVA chat  is plugged into your computer when choosing to Transfer the file, it says, “No device is currently connected to this computer.”  To install the NOVA Device Driver insert the Chat Editor CD into your computer.  The installer screen should appear automatically, if not, choose Autorun from the CD.  On the opening screen, check Install NOVA Device Driver, uncheck other items and choose Install.  Follow the on-screen instructions from the Installer.
  • Computers running Windows 8 cannot have other USB items plugged into the computer while trying to connect to NOVA chat.  A mouse and keyboard are an exception.  Printers, USB thumbdrives or other tablets should be removed to see the NOVA chat.