Selecting a Different Keyboard Layout

The ChatBox40 Plus allows for a 10 or 40 location keyboard layout.  The system was provided with a 10 & 40 location keyboard, paper overlays and keyguards.

 In order to change the keyboard layout both the physical keyboard and the internal settings must be changed.

Physical Keyboard: 

  • -remove the keyguard by squeezing the two latches at the top of the keyguard and lifting
  • -remove the overlay and overlay protector
  • -lift up on the green keyboard and set to the side
  • -replace the keyboard with appropriate size (making sure the holes for the lights are in the upper left corners of each key)
  • -new overlays and the overlay protector can be set within the frame of the keyboard (again, make sure the holes for the lights are in the upper left corner)
  • -replace the keyguard with the new size by sliding the tabs at the bottom into the openings in the case, laying the keyguard down flat and letting the latches click into place

Internal Settings:

  • -choose MENU from the Control Panel Area
  • -tap the NEXT button until you see Selection Technique Options
  • -choose SELECT
  • -choose SELECT again
  • -tap NEXT to change the number of keys
  • -choose MENU to close the menu