Recorded messages in the ChatBox 40 must first be programmed by a person with a natural voice.  Recording a message into the ChatBox 40 consists of recording a voice message and selecting the key, which will later be pressed to speak the message.  You can record up to 3 minutes of speech into each button with a total of 30 minutes allowed for the system.

Note:  The ChatBox 40 allows for an optional text message to be displayed as the recording is spoken.  This option must be selected from the User Feedback Options Menu prior to recording messages if displayed text would be of value. 

Prior to recording:

If you plan to include text with your recorded message you must have the clear overlay with the pre-printed alphabet in place on the machine.

To record a message:

  • Choose MENU, Record a Message is the first option
  • Choose SELECT (screen will prompt you through the process)
  • Push and hold the key you would like to record a message at while you speak the recording
  • Release the key immediately after making your recording to save memory space.

If “Text Messages” is On in the User Feedback Options Menu then you will be prompted to spell the text you would like to have displayed when the recording is played.

  • Either continue recording the remaining keys or choose MENU to exit 

Recording messages in different keyboard layouts

Prior to recording messages, determine which keyboard layout is most appropriate.  The ChatBox 40 was shipped with both a 10 and 40 location keyboard.  Put the keyboard, overlay and keyguard on the ChatBox 40 and you must then go to the Selection Technique menu and set the appropriate layout.


  • Record someone’s voice which is age and gender appropriate for the individual using the ChatBox 40
  • Whenever possible, make the recording in a quiet room.
  • Keep your mouth about 6 to 10 inches away from the ChatBox 40 and speak in a firm voice at slightly above conversation level.
  • Release the key immediately after speaking the message to preserve memory space.
  • Experiment speaking at different volumes and at different distances until you find the approach that works best for you.

Programming Note:  if adding text to a recorded message always add a space to the end of the text so when displayed it doesn’t all run together