Save usage data to a file when you want to analyze it manually instead of uploading it to the Realize Language website for analysis.

To save data to a file:

  1. From the Data Logging menu, choose Save Data to File. The following prompt will appear.

Access to personal communication requires authorization. Please enter your privacy password.

  1. Choose OK. The keyboard will be displayed with the cursor in the Password field.
  2. Enter your privacy password and choose OK.

The Save to File screen shows the current person under “Person”. To create a file for a different person, select the list box arrow and select a different person.

  1.  Select an option: “Since last save on”, “From / to”, or All.
  2. Choose Save to File. The following message will appear: “Data logging collects personal communication. Do you want to save personal communication?”
  3. Select Yes. “File Saved” will appear near the bottom of the screen.
  4. You can then view the file on your device or computer.

To view the file on your device:

If you have an app that can read text files, navigate to the file on your device. The path to the file varies by type of device.

To view the file on your computer:

  1. Connect a USB cable between your device and the computer. Give the device a moment to connect to the computer. The device screen will display “Transfer Mode”, and the computer will display a window with several options.
  2. Click Open device to view files.
  3. Locate the file by navigating to the ChatPC folder, and then the log subfolder. The filename will begin with the person’s name, followed by the date and time.
  4. View the file by opening it in a program installed on the computer.