Activation Beep and Scan Beep

The Activation/Scan Beep is the beep you hear when you press or scan to a key. The default is On.  You can select the volume.

Checking or unchecking the box turns the beep on or off.  If On (checked), then the volume can be set to quiet, normal, or loud.

Scanning Cursor

The Scan Cursor highlights the scan position.  The color of the button outline defaults to red but can be changed by choosing the color palette in the Scan Box option and choosing the preferred color. (Invert Selection will be a future option.)

Auto Repeat

This lets you choose how fast a key will repeat itself when you hold it down

Checking or unchecking the box turns the auto repeat function on or off.  

Auto Repeat Delay is how long the button must be held prior to it starting to repeat and then the Auto Repeat Rate determines at what rate it will continue to repeat.

Auto Restart On/Off determines if the scan automatically restarts or not after speaking