Acceptance Time & Release Time are not able to be modified in the ChatPC-Silk.

Scanning Speed

This is the amount of time it takes for your device to move from one button, row, or column to the next in a scan.  The default scanning speed is one second. This means it takes one second from the time one key is highlighted until the next key is highlighted.

Number of Rescans

Select the number of times you want your device to automatically scan the page.  The default is 3 times then the scan will stop until a switch is activated again.

Activation Delay

This gives a chance to change your mind when you have selected a button. This is automatically set to your Scanning Speed.  For example, let's say your scanning speed is set to one second (1.0). You scan to and select a button, then realize it's not the button you want. You have one second to activate your switch again to "de-select" the button and then scan to a new button.