Note:  This doesn not apply to dedicated devices!

In order to be able to send an email from within the NOVA Chat software, you must have an "open device" and the Kiosk mode must be off.  You must also have a wireless connection.  To check that your internet connection is turned on, go to the device settings (not Nova Chat settings).  Home >apps >settings.  Under wireless & networks, turn on the Wi-fi and connect to the internet.

You must also go into the NOVA Chat menu >settings > input >make sure enable menu is checked.

  • Compose your message in the Speech Display Bar
  • Press and hold in the Speech Display Bar until the Share Menu appears.  Select Share and another menu will appear.  Select gmail. 
  • If you don't have a gmail account, it will walk you through the process to set up a new account.
  • The message that is in the speech display bar will be in the text.  You just need to fill in "send to" and "subject".