To edit a vocabulary file or any resource linked to it (pages, buttons), go into Edit Mode by:

  • tapping on menu
  • choosing Edit Mode.


In Edit Mode, a line of text will appear indicating that the software is in Edit Mode, along with the name of the vocabulary file and the name of the current page. On the device this is found in the lower left corner of the screen, on the Nova Chat Editor, it is found in the Title bar.


Note: Always make sure that you are working with the current copy of the vocabulary file before editing.  Although editing is possible on the device or Editor an individual only has one file.  Copying a file from one platform to another will over-ride the existing file.  To avoid over-writing other’s changes, always copy the file with changes to the other platform. This will ensure both the device and Editor are current.  Changes should be coordinated so one set of changes does not have to over-write the others.