Check the following items to get DesktopChat SE to speak;

  1. The Microsoft SAPI voices need to be installed off of the install CD. If they were not installed;

    a. Put the DesktopChat SE install CD into your computer.

    b. From the install window, uncheck everything except Microsoft Voices for SAPI 5.1.

    c. Click Install and Next at the appropriate points.

    d. Click on Exit when finished and remove the install CD.                   
  2. Make sure the system volume on your computer is turned up and not muted at all.
  3. In DesktopChat SE, click on Edit and make sure Speech Off is unchecked.
  4. Click on Edit->General Settings and then click on the Microsoft SAPI tab. Make sure the volume slider is set to Loud and the Pitch is set midway. Note: For Windows Vista and Windows 7 installations, the only voice that will speak in DesktopChat SE is Microsoft Anna.
  5. If LH Michael or LH Michelle are available for a voice do not select them because DesktopChat SE will crash after a few clicks.