DesktopChat SE won’t run(or will give the error message about missing dll files) if the communication program isn’t installed off of the install CD.

  1. Insert your DesktopChat SE install CD into your computer.
  2. You should see aSaltilloCD Installer Screen appear (this may take a few moments), if not, you will need to navigate to your CD through Windows Explorer and choose setup.exe. When the install window pops up, uncheck everything except the communication program.


For Windows XP: Microsoft ActiveSync needs to be installed. Checkmark the Microsoft ActiveSync box and click on Next and Install.

For Windows Vista or Windows 7: Windows Mobile Device Center needs to be installed. Uncheck everything and checkmark the Windows Mobile Device Center box and click on Next and Install.

If the Active Sync or Windows Mobile Device Center is not on the installation disk, they can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.


Now DesktopChat SE should run.