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Thoughts behind the selected WP practice sentences
These sentences were selected for practice to help communication partners explore the various Word Power files and experience some of the features that are built in to the system. The same, or as close to the same, sentence is targeted in each vocabulary.

The following are reasons for selecting the practice sentences:
1. Target different reasons for communicating: request, direct, comment, greet, protest, relay past events, ask questions.
2. Give practice sequence and then one or two to try without the sequence model.
3. See how Actions A-Z and Describe A-Z work.
4. See how word endings work.
5. See how different number of buttons impacts what can be said and how many navigations it might take.
6. Demonstrate a few next logical words.
7. Demonstrate how the smart punctuation works.
8. These are not necessarily beginning target sentences. These are more for the communication partners to learn about the WordPower system



Files for "Practice sentences for WordPower Vocabularies":