Teaching the Core Word: WHO

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One of the words in the PrAACtical AAC: A year of core is WHO.  Find Symbol Stix or PCS button sequence supports on our website. Teach the word WHO by modeling as much as you can!  It’s important for everyone to be able to ask who?  Try it out!

I Can Model Making Snow

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Try a tip from Saltillo consultant Amanda Hettenhausen: 

Since it hasn't snowed much, or at all, this winter, why not make snow with your kiddos? It is fun (albeit a little messy) and provides opportunity to model and practice lots of great words. Since it is a little messy, this might be a good time to model, more than to expect the child to use the device, or break out your low tech board (free ones available here).

There are several recipes available to make snow, but basically it involves 2 inexpensive items such as conditioner and baking soda. Here are a few recipes you could follow. 

Below is an example of what you might say and model during the snow making process. These picture pathways are for WordPower 60 Basic, so you may have to adjust based on the vocabulary you are using. The words I selected were based on the core word list for March. With this one activity we get to practice with 6 of the words "good, it, make, now, read, thing."  You can also find the modeling document here.

Note that when modeling it is not necessary to touch EVERY word on the device. As you say things, touch the 1-3 keywords per sentence. This will help the interaction move along, keep you feeling confident, and the child engaged.

Then you can brainstorm the words you could model once the snow is made and the play commences.

1) DESCRIBING WORDS: it is...cold, wet, white, neat, fun, good, bad
2) QUESTION WORDS: Where is? (if you hide things in it), What does it feel like?
3) ACTION WORDS: put, do, make, 
4) POSITION WORDS: on/off, in/out
5) COMMENTING WORDS: like it/don't like it (and all your describing words)

To learn more about using button capture to create support materials, sign up for the live webinar, Oh the Things You Can Do! A Chat Editor Make & Take Session on March 16 at 5:00 pm ET.

Teaching the Core Word: GOOD

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Happy Monday!  Looking for a word to teach? One of the words included in PrAACtical AAC Year of Core for March is GOOD.  The word good is used every day across many contexts.   Create opportunities for the communicator using AAC to use the word good.  Today is a good day to model the word good!


A Year of Core- March Core Words

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As we move into the month of March, MAKE sure to download your new set of core words from the "Year of Core". We have some GOOD ones on THERE! You can find the monthly resources here.