PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19:

Saltillo has teamed up with News-2-You to bring weekly pages for NovaChat® and ChatFusion™ devices. The weekly newspapers from News-2-You improve communication through fun and educational activities for individuals of all ages and abilities. Subscribers of News-2-You will find that the individual can participate in all of these activities using these pre-made pages on a Saltillo communication device, as well as participate in conversations with peers and family on the latest topics. New supports include Smart Charts for WordPower42, 42 Basic, 60, and 60 Basic vocabulary files. A Smart Chart is a list of the icon sequences included in the WordPower file to help you locate the target vocabulary in the lesson.

You can download weekly pages for your communication devices to complement the News-2-You curriculum!

If you use our n2y or Unique supporting pages, we would love to hear from you to make them better! All feedback is welcome!


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