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Modeling is one of the most important things we can do as communication partners for our communicators using an AAC system. What is modeling? It means we are demonstrating the use of language using the same system the communicator is using. For example, an infant listens to verbal language for somewhere around the first year of life before they speak the first word. In that first year, we have been verbally modeling language for the infant. If we want to teach someone sign language, we speak in sign. We model sign language. When we have someone using an AAC system, we need to model using that same system. We need to touch the buttons on the device to model language for the communicator. Often, these terms are used interchangeably: aided language stimulation, modeling, augmented language, partner augmented input. Ultimately, the goal is for communication partners to be able to model or demonstrate desired language outputs in the same mode: AAC. It takes time to learn language and communication. The more we model, the more opportunities for learning language we create, which open the doors to a world of communication. Start small, but aim high!

This section will contain activities and tips for modeling. Make communication meaningful through engaging activities in natural settings. Have fun modeling and growing communication!

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