PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19:

Funding is available for your Saltillo device!

To better serve our customers, the PRC-Saltillo Funding Department is staffed with experienced professionals who help people with disabilities acquire the products and services that help them meet their needs to communicate. The PRC-Saltillo funding personnel are knowledgeable about any new requirements of the different agencies (Medicare, Medicaid or Insurance) and will provide the expertise needed to process a claim.

Try the New AAC Funding Toolkit

Use our new Funding Toolkit to create a Funding Request for PRC and Saltillo clients: Complete and save forms online, write an AAC Evaluation and receive updates on the status of the submission.
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Prefer to submit your documents manually? 

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How do I find a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)?

Fill out and print Equipment Selection Sheets at

Still have questions? Contact the PRC-Saltillo Funding Department directly by calling toll-free 800-268-5224 or email

Funding assistance and services are also provided by several of Saltillo's local distributors. Contact your Representative to see if your regional distributor is able to assist you with your funding submission.