Essence is the first commercial offering of the Essence family of vocabulary programs developed by Prentke Romich Company. This new series is specifically designed for adults with acquired speech disorders. The heart of the Essence vocabulary consists of a spelling keyboard with word prediction that also allows quick access to hundreds of commonly used phrases and sentences.


The home page of Essence contains a spelling keyboard. If one starts to spell a word, the word prediction area expands to offer up to nine predicted words at a time. Morphology buttons allow you to change word forms with a single button press.


The home page also contains quick links to pages of commonly used phrases for communicating with those you regularly interact within your family and community. Other pages contain commonly used vocabulary that may be needed for a visit to the doctor, using public transportation, going out to eat, etc. Each page is completely customizable to meet the specific vocabulary needs of each individual.  This program takes advantage of the Saltillo's word prediction program which gives the option of a 10,000, 30,000 or 60,000 word prediction engine. The visual scene capabilities allow photos to easily be imported to assist in telling a story.


The portability of the Chat devices along with the vocabulary of Essence combine to create a communication solution that can be taken wherever you go - and contain the vocabulary to engage people when you get there.

Essence is included with the Chat devices.