Helping you find the most appropriate technology for your client is very important to us. Saltillo representatives will assist you in the process from device trials to successful implementation strategies.

Stephanie Reed


(713) 898-0519
Stephanie has over 20 years of experience in the field of AAC and delivering speech-language therapy services to individuals with a variety of disabilities, with emphasis on treating children with Autism and severe communication delays. Her passion for AAC began 23 years ago when she observed her niece with Cerebral Palsy in speech therapy. Gaining a great appreciation of the process that lead her niece to achieve communication, Stephanie pursued a career in speech pathology and the world of AAC. Since becoming a Saltillo consultant, Stephanie has provided professional development in AAC, focusing on device programming and implementation. She believes that everyone deserves a voice and that to limit one’s language is to limit their world.
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