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Note:  Software Update 1.12.0 is not currently available for the original NOVA Chat 5.  This update is compatible with all NOVAChat 7's, with all NOVAChat 10's and NOVAChat 5's with Serial Numbers beginning with (5.2N)

New Acapela Child Voice options (Ella, Josh and Scott) are now included in US Acapela package. An update for these voices is available by contacting Saltillo Sales at 1-877-397-0178.  New child voices are also available for Australian, British and German, contact those distributors for details.

A new scanning feature that provides an option to Scan the X in the Speech Display Bar or not.

ChatPower 60 is now available in English systems.  This vocabulary consists of a large number of high frequency words available on the main page, resulting in fast communication with reduced keystrokes.  Word completion and logical next words are used, and the "grammar" function provides morphological endings to verbs, nouns and adjectives.  Spelling with word prediction along with the category-based pages contained in all other versions of the vocabualry are also available.  This vocabulary is configured to work with a keyguard.

ChatPower default files have been updated with miscellaneous items by the Author.

Germany added LogoFoxx 50 and Aphasie Therapie vocabulary options and updated the LogoFoxx 80 and ABC Series to Metacom.

To download the NOVA Chat 1.12.0 Software Update, go to Downloads, choose your language and download the NOVA Chat Software Update version 1.11.0 to 1.12.0.  Instructions for updating are included with the downloaded files.