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2.19.0 Chat Software

  • -You can now use a dual switch in port A or B in NOVA chats and Chat Fusions for two switch scanning
  • -A Switch Setup Wizard has been added for setting up switch access
  • -ChatEditor, PCS symbols will be disabled by default.  If a user has purchased PCS symbols on their NovaChat or ChatFusion device, they simply need to connect that device to ChatEditor and the PCS symbols will be enabled.  Please note that this is the same way that speech is enabled on ChatEditor.  This maintains the copyright integrity of PCS symbols, and ensures that those who use the PCS symbols have full access to them in the ChatEditor software.

   Vocabulary File Changes

-Added a 45 location German MultiFoxX file

-WordPower Vocabulary File Updates are listed below

All WordPower files
- Questions on the SOCIAL / PERSONAL pages were color coded to make them more visually salient
- Verbs “mow,” “whisper” in all files
- SS BODY pages - symbol updates SS and some increased functionality of BODY pages

All vocabs up to 60-locations
- The words QUESTION and DESCRIBE are now written out in full
- SENSORY pages available – on WP20 and 25, they are part of TOYS, and on others, they have theirown pages

WP42 Basic
- Now you have “is” and “-s” on the ANIMALS pages
- Now when you go to the SPELLING page, you have “-s” and “-’s” available
- “’” option on Spelling page


- ANIMALS links appear individually on GROUPS page
- DESERT animals now included

- Added “away” following “go” and “come”
- turn > the page, around, it up, it down, it on, it off
- read > leads to a link to READING page
- added words “to, me, you” to READING page

WP42, 108 & WP108 w Keyboard
- Now you can say “my favorite color” and “your favorite color”
- The numbers on the spelling pages now programmed with the “Speech Message” action

- Now when you go to the SPELLING page, you have “-‘s” and the “smart comma” available
- “else” now follows indefinite pronouns like “something” – “something else, somebody else, or else, etc.”
- The words QUESTION and DESCRIBE are now written out in full
- PROJECT CORE lowtech vocabulary board added as an option to “Manual Communication Boards”
- “some” and “an” added to EXTRA WORDS page
- “some” appears as a logical next word following “want” and “would like”
- DESERT ANIMALS included and a second page of BIRDS

WP140 Scan & Touch
- Now you can say “I would like to order…” on DRINKS and FOOD pages
- Added “again” to READING page

All Spanish files
- Updated the SOCIAL (FRASES) pages
- “beber” removed from main page – replaced by “toma”
- toma > BEBIDAS, una foto
- a second page of BIRDS added
- added “rodeo” to LUGARES page
- added “cocido” to MEXICAN FOOD page
- added verb “revolver” to ACCIONES A-Z

- “teminar” added to main page
- me (tú) …
- te (yo) …
- added a lowtech vocabulary board that loosely coincides with English PROJECT CORE - added as an option to “Manual Communication Boards” PAGE
- added symbols to the pronouns on the ACCTIONES A-Z pages
- added some more verbs to the CUERPO page


    • To download the Chat 2.19.0 Software Update, make a wireless connection, go to Menu>Help>Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update or go to Downloads from this website, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device.

      • Note: The original NOVA chat 5 will not update to 2.19, please contact your local representative or technical support if you have questions.