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With the 2.28 Chat Software Update there are now options for how menus are accessed.  Existing devices will still use the Recents button to access an updated view of the Menu options.  Theming has been updated to give the NovaChat a fresh, more modern appearance.  Pushing and holding the Back button is a new option that provides access to menus.  Within Style Settings there is a new menu option for choosing from three display options.  A task bar can be added to the top of the screen that provides an icon for opening the menus.  Or an icon can be added to the Speech Display Bar for opening menus.  The third option, Hidden, which requires pushing and holding the Back button to open the menus or devices pre-NC8.4, the Recents button will continue to access Menus.  

We have added a feature that collects information such as Settings, Vocabulary File used and usage of the Help Index. 

Per requests we are changing a number of default settings, they include:

  • Speech Output>Character: On
  • Input>Tilt>Action: No Action
  • Input>Enable Menu: Off
  • Style: Font>Font Size: 20
  • Word Finder>Show Menu Item: On
  • Word Finder>Flip Interval: 6 seconds
  • System>Display Settings>Screen Timeout: 10 minutes

Renamed Audio Actions to better distinguish appropriate button actions.

French Grammar Database 

Bug fixes include:

  • Vocab builder word list import not working in LAMP
  • Chat Software crashing when connecting to AeroText app and ChatSoftware crashing when sending an SMS message
  • Crash when rotating in multi-window mode with menu open (10.6 & 8.35 running Android 7)


  • Introducing WordPower120 français AZERTY and WordPower120 français QWERTY

Word Power files were updated with the following

  • Added “I Spy…” “something (SOCIAL) to all English files, except WP20 Simply
  • Added “Veo algo…” (FRASES) to all Spanish files
  • Added “safari” to English files except WP20 Simply and WP25
  • Added “fun” to “My day was…” on SOCIAL page
  • Added “¡Me divertí!” and “¡Nos divertimos!” to the Spanish “Hoy me fue” pages
  • WP60 Basic & Higher - Added all of the ‘character traits’ adjectives to the ADJ A-Z pages
  • All WordPower files  - Changed date from 2020 to 2021

To download the Chat 2.28.0 Software Update, go to Menu>Help>Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update or go to Downloads from this website, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device.