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Chat Software 2.40 Update includes:

Chat Software Cleanup

  • Android 5 systems were getting a Chat Administrator stopping message
  • Saving photo within Edit button was crashing NC10.7

Chat Software and Chat Editor 2.40 Update contains the following vocabulary updates

All WordPower Files –
    • Dates updated to 2023
    • Fixed some old errors reported by Meghan
    • MY WORK templates added to SCHOOL pages

 WordPower60 Espanol Basico –

    • Added verb “obtener” (on second page of Actions in the conjugated form “obtiene”
    • Added three TELL ME/MELD low tech boards (version 1, 2, 3) – grupos – consejos para – tablero de comunicacion para imprimir – tablero 1/2/3
    • Added word “tapa” to CONCEPTO DE LECTURA page

 WordPower60 Basic, WP80, WP108 w Keyboard –

    • Added INDIAN FOOD category along w pronunciations (onion bhaji should be pronounced “onion bah gee”
    • Added a special DESCRIBE feature on the FOODS pages
    • Added “it tastes” to the FOOD pages

 WordPower25 Touch & Scan –

    • Added INDIAN FOOD category along w pronunciations
    • Added “it tastes” to the FOOD pages

 WordPower108 and 140 –

    • Added INDIAN FOOD category along w pronunciations

 WordPower60 and above I English

    • more countries added to GEOGRAPHY COUNTRIES – previously listed about 17 countries, now should be around 40

 WordPower108 w Keyboard

    • Core vocabulary added to category pages 

 Update calendars/dates to 2023:

    • myCore PCS and SS - uploaded
    • MC 15 student PCS and SS - uploaded
    • MC 15 adult PCS and SS - uploaded
    • MC15 Adolescent PCS and SS - uploaded
    • CJA US PCS – uploaded
    • CJA US SS – uploaded
    • CJA UK PCS - uploaded
      CJA UK SS – uploaded
    • CJA Francais PCS – uploaded
    • CJA Francais SS – uploaded
    • CJA espanol PCS – uploaded
    • CJA espanol SS - uploaded
    • MC15 bilingual PCS  - uploaded
    • MC15 bilingual SS - uploaded
    • MC15 espanol PCS - uploaded
    • MC15 espanol SS – uploaded

Teclado  - link to default page fixed

Misc cleanup

To download the Chat 2.40 Software Update, go to Menu>Help>Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update or go to Downloads from this website, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device.