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New features:

  • Reorganized the vocabulary list (LAMP WFL). The menu will now have subcategories based on language (e.g., English, Spanish/English), instead of a single list.
  • Provided more options for hover time with eye/head tracking (TouchChat & Dialogue). There are more options for hover time selection (0.05 second increments).
  • Added Canadian French support (LAMP WFL & TouchChat). If someone wants to put their whole iOS device in French, they will now see menus and prompts in Canadian French.
  • Added Engage for iOS (TouchChat). Similar to the Engage file on the Accent, Engage for iOS is an exploratory file to help with alternative access methods.

Vocabulary Files Changes:

Added Engage for iOS to TouchChat

WordPower Updates – 2.43

  • All English WordPower files

    -Added “Something’s wrong…” to the SOCIAL page
  • All WordPower files (except WordPower20 Simply)

    -Microsoft Word is added to the “Write to Apps” page
  • WordPower80

    -Modified verbs on main page – added “wear” following pronouns – now the verb “wear” has a link to CLOTHES
  • WordPower42B, 60B, 80, 108 files, 140

    -Within FOOD and DRINK categories, you can now say “I drank” and “I ate”

WordPower60 Basic

-Modified verbs for efficiency and added verbs to core ACTIONS pages including:
-Added “melt” to A-Z

WordPower42 Basic

-Modified verbs for efficiency and added verbs to core ACTIONS pages including:
-Added “melt”  and “hide” to A-Z