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Chat Software 2.4 Update includes:

  • Computer Control, this new software feature provides support for InputStick connectivity.
    InputStick is a wireless USB receiver that connects your NovaChat device to a Windows®-based PC, Mac® or Chromebook™ without cables. The InputStick will allow you to use your AAC vocabulary as a keyboard and with the customizable vocab buttons, the ability to navigate and control your computer. Whether using touch or scanning access methods, pairing an InputStick to your NovaChat will open up opportunities to communicate through emails, create documents, compose literary pieces, connect on social media, and more.
    InputStick works as though it is part of your device and makes a seamless typing experience. Using your vocabulary and the built-in NovaChat features such as word prediction will allow you to efficiently complete tasks such as creating a report or writing a journal entry.   
  • Resolved issue with recent Spell Checker update not working with some conjugations, i.e. strawberries, uncomfortably

WordPower Updates – 2.44

  • All PCS files
      • Symbol corrections – i.e., cloudy(see image)
    • All WordPower files
      • Microsoft Word link corrected on the “Write to Apps” page
      • On SOCIAL page, “Something’s wrong” update – once selected than immediately below you should see “but I don’t I know what”
    • WordPower60 Basic & WordPower42 Basic
    • New logical next word – open > the door

ChatEditor now supports PCS symbols within TouchChat configurations

To download the Chat 2.44 Software Update, go to Menu>Help>Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update or go to Downloads from this website, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device.