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PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19:

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Confirm that the charger is working.  The red light comes on when it’s plugged in and after an ~ 8 hour charge,  the red light should turn Off and the green light should turn On.

If the red charging light is not coming on:

If possible, have the battery charger checked with a volt meter to confirm it is still in working order.  Ensure that the cable is not cut or kinked at any point.  If available, try a second charger.  New Chargers are available for purchase from Saltillo, part number #2604

If after a full charge both the green and red lights are on:

The battery is struggling coming back from Dead Battery.  Contact Saltillo at 1-800-382-8622 to order a new battery or click here to go to the store

Make sure the battery is plugged into the ChatBox 40:

Some facilities will unplug their batteries from the ChatBox 40 if they are going to sit for an extended period of time with no use (summer break).  Remove the single screw from the battery door on the back of the ChatBox and confirm that the battery is plugged in.

May be time for a new battery:

Batteries typically last a couple of years.  The batteries are field replaceable.  A single screw will need to be removed from the back of the ChatBox 40 for access to the battery.  The battery will need to be unplugged and a new battery inserted.  Contact Saltillo for a replacement battery, part # BA007.

Phone:  1-800-382-8622
Fax:  1-330-674-6726