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Creating a Page with a Visual Scene using NOVA chat Editor

Visual Scenes can be created in a number of ways.  Some scenes are created by pushing on a spot on the picture that actually speaks or gives a sound, some navigate to other pages of vocabulary when chosen and some only speak by choosing the buttons around the picture.  In our example, in order to either speak Rooster or play the sound of the Rooster, you would want to program the area that the rooster is positioned over.  This can be done by programming the button to the left and increasing the size of that button to cover both button areas.  We have provided examples for various options when creating a visual scene.

 Create a new page:

  • Choose Edit Mode
  • Choose Pages>New Page
  • Name the page
  • Choose the number of rows and columns needed (it is recommended if you’re going to push an item on the scene and expect it to speak to use many small buttons so you can place the message accurately, i.e. 19 rows x 19 columns)
  • Choose Create
  • Find the new page in the listing and choose it

Add the picture to be used as the background scene (in this example we used a farm scene)

  • Choose Edit Page
  • Choose to “Center” the picture or “Fit’ the picture to the page (note: the aspect ratio will not be lost)
  • Choose Import if using a picture not supplied with NOVA chat or choose Browse if using a supplied picture
  • Choose the appropriate picture and OK

Creating buttons that speak

  • Right click on the button and choose Create New Button
  • insert the text into the message box you want spoken
  • Choose the Style tab and check transparent
  • Choose Add

To create a scene that makes sounds when selected:

  • find a rooster sound from the internet and download the .wav file to your computer
  • right click in the button area of the left button
  • choose create new button
  • don’t type any label or message
  • choose the style tab and check the transparent option
  • choose the action tab and add a play audio action
  • choose Import Sound from File and open the rooster sound from your PC
  • choose Apply
  • make sure Speech Message is highlighted and choose Remove
  • choose Add
  • right click on the button you just created and choose Change Button Size
  • change the Horizontal option to 2
  • choose OK

Tapping on the Rooster will now repeat the Rooster sound

To create spots on the picture that will link to another page that includes associated vocabulary

Using our example page above:

  • right click in the button area of the top left button
  • choose Create New Button
  • don’t type any label or message
  • choose the Style Tab and check the Transparent option
  • choose the Actions tab and Add a Navigate action
  • choose Create New Page
  • type a Name and the number of Rows and Columns for the page with Turkey vocabulary
  • choose Create
  • make sure Speech Message is highlighted and choose Remove
  • choose Add
  • use the Back arrow once
  • right click on the button you just created and choose Change Button Size
  • change the Horizontal and Vertical option to 2
  • choose OK
  • choosing this button takes you to the new page for “turkey”vocabulary
  • add appropriate vocabulary to this page

To create a button around the picture that speaks

Right click on any of the buttons that surround your picture and add appropriate vocabulary

Copy/Paste your “home” button (this is the button used for navigating to your main page)

  • use the large left arrow in the menu bar and go back to one of your existing pages
  • right click on your button for navigating to your home page
  • choose Copy Button
  • use the right arrow to move back to your new visual scene page
  • right click on the button in the appropriate location and choose Paste Button

 Once exiting Edit Mode the button outlines are removed: